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Transparency and security

Not on remote islands in tax havens, but in the heart of Europe in Prague, the first crypto exchange that has a full license to hold and trade cryptocurrencies has been established. All activity is fully subject to EU laws and oversight by regulators and authorities.
You can buy crypto here for fiat, hold it and trade it on one of the most modern platforms with an emphasis on compleness and simplicity

Such a silent partner program is 100% compliant with EU law, companies will be audited annually by reputable firms and all results
will be transparently published

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Complexity and education

  • A key element of our platform is the comprehensiveness of our services.
  • In one place you can buy cryto for fiat currency via your debit card or transfer from your account, then hold and trade it.
  • You will find spot trading as well as Futures
  • To trade you will be able to use our professional trading DCA, GRID, Futures Bots with artificial intelligence
  • You can make money on the exchange by staking the most popular coins
  • Our exchange will also offer its own NFT platform including a market place
  • You can also exchange coins on the exchange using the P2P principle
  • All these features will be complemented by educational programs and videos
  • The icing on the cake will be custom utilities and stable coins
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Simplicity and profit

This phrase expresses our strategy. To teach our clients how to make the highest profits in the simplest possible way. Either directly on the stock exchange or as silent partners in the firm. Everything will be available in both web and mobile versions

As a silent partner of the firm, you will receive dividends every year, and when you plan to sell your stake in 2030, you will receive up to ten times the value of your investment. You can easily track the development of your investment in our investment app

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Through the silent partner program, we will create together a thriving community of novice and advanced investors, crypto enthusiasts, traders and most importantly supporters to raise awareness of crypto and crypto adoption in Europe and make the most of it for everyone.
Meetings, trainings, sharing of experiences, among others, will also contribute to accelerate the process of crypto adoption in Europe.
Become a silent partner in the first round and achieve the highest possible value of your investment. The offer is limited!
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