What do we want to achieve by 2030?


Transparency, complexity, security and simplicity

We want cryptocurrencies to become a common and respected part of the financial world in Europe. We want to contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe and offer a completely transparent and secure environment that is compliant with EU law and regulations
So that people know what to expect from the crypto world and are aware of the benefits but also the risks of the industry. To know that investing in crypto is not just a short-term speculation, but a long-term and meaningful investment.
Because our vision is based on four core values - transparency, comprehensiveness, security and simplicity. If we achieve these values in our vision, then we will be on the path to bringing people long-term, regular profits from the world of crypto.

Coingarage portfolio

For the general public aged 18 to 100, we will create a comprehensive, intuitive environment that will include trading several hundred cryptocurrency pairs.

We will select cryptocurrencies based on their adoption rates, but we will also include new cryptocurrencies with the potential for long-term profit for our investors.

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Coingarage users 2030

In the heart of Europe, one of the largest crypto exchanges is being created with a focus on the European market. Our services will be used by more than 10 million users from Europe by 2030.

There are about 480 million working age people in Europe and only 9% - about 43 million of them - have any experience with crypto. Compared to Asia, the Americas, Africa and Latin America, this is about 16% less.

This means that in addition to these 43 million, there is the potential for at least 77 million new people to start holding or trading crypto in the next seven years. And let's not forget that this industry will continue to grow dynamically.

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Coingarage pillars

Our journey is unique due to the pillars of transparency and security, compexity and education and most importantly simplicity, which is the beauty, but in our case also the profit for our silent partners.


Estimated income

A substantial part of our income will be generated by the Fee. This is the case for most exchanges, but also for banks.

We believe it is every investor's dream to know that they are making money by trading others on the exchange 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Together we make a profit on every single transaction. Whether we are working, sleeping or on vacation...

2.4 B USD

the estimated value of the company Coingarage s.r.o.

Valuation of the company

To calculate the company's value, we use references and examples of valuations of competing exchanges across the world, in addition to a recognized indicator called EBITDA.

Number of usersCompany value
Kraken6 Million11 Billion Dollars
KuCoin18 Million10 Billion Dollars
Gemini13 Million10 Billion Dollars
Binance28 Million300 Billion Dollars


One of the most important aspects that affects the prosperity of a company is a quality and loyal team. This will be motivated not only by being involved in the adoption of crypto in Europe, but also by participating in the value of the company by being our silent partner.
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